Call of Duty® WWII 1.0

First person action adventure game that has players assume the role of an American soldier serving during World War 2

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Call of Duty goes back to the basics and presents a polished and unified first person shooter set amidst the trenches, fields, and cities of World War II. While there was once a time when you couldn't shake a stick without hitting a WWII-based shooter, that time is long past. Over the years, Call of Duty has traded in heavy tanks, trenches, and outdated rifles for jet packs and wall jumps. In many ways, the series has lagged in the court of public opinion, but this latest version of Call of Duty demonstrates the series is still at its best when it goes back to its core values. The fundamentals that made the series great really have a chance to shine in this edition, but the developers also build off some of the lessons they've learned in the intervening years.

Fundamentally, not a lot has changed since the original Call of Duty was released. Deathmatch and team deathmatch still form the backbone of the online experience, and a class-based system allows you to focus on the style of play that interests you while also demanding a higher level of strategy from players, particularly when working with teams. But what's always separated the Call of Duty series from its competitors is its level or polish and broad range of features, and that's no different here. The single player campaign is solid if somewhat secondary to the multiplayer experience, but playing with and against friends on the multiplayer maps is as good as it's ever been, and the legs of this game are further extended by the return of Zombies mode.

If you're looking to play by yourself, this game probably won't justify a purchase on its own. While it's pleasant to look at, it's a rather paint by numbers affair, clocking in at about five hours and hitting on about every beat from modern WWII movies and TV shows. The set pieces are strong, but it doesn't quite manage to hit the character beats or quiet moments that made something like Band of Brothers so endearing.

Naturally, it's at its best when it throws narrative to the wind. Multiplayer combat is fast, responsive, and still delightfully skill-driven. Your reflexes and ability to put a strong character build together are much more important than how much time you've spent grinding the maps. That's not to say there isn't a progression system, and this year's version slickly builds off the components that have become a trademark of the series. There is a barrier to entry, as you need to get a few levels in before you can put together a decent set of perks, weapons, and skills that allow you to really compete against the best players, but once the systems open up, you can hit the ground running. This progression system has been further bolstered by the inclusion of a new Orders and Contracts component that gives you significant experience boosts for completing designated achievements.


  • Still offers some of the best multiplayer shooting in the genre
  • Strips down the Call of Duty formula to focus on what really works


  • Single player campaign isn't good enough to stand on its own
  • Requires some grinding to really compete

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